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We as Vancouver Medical Cannabis Dispensary are crafters and cultivators who believe in the healing and medicinal properties of marijuana. We pride ourselves on offering a remarkable experience with a wide selection of herbal remedies for our customers. We work hard to create an environment and provide services to ensure all patients receive the most compassionate care. We ensure privacy, expediency and discretion for all of our members and maintain a strict confidentiality agreement for all patient records and information.

What’s in your WATER?

Try Westcanna CBD Infused Water

  • Power your cells with a greater nutrition delivery system
  • Supports your immune system
  • Provides Anti-Oxidants at a cellular level
  • Provides a Vitamin and Mineral boost directly into your cells
  • Provides Incredible Cellular Hydration and Energy

Meet Our Store


Our qualified Team

Our qualified team compliments the style of our store, they are immensely knowledgeable, dedicated, friendly and ready to serve. All of our cannabis specialists are required to complete an extensive training program based on product knowledge and vendor information. Our knowledgeable staff will help you pick the right medication for your symptoms. We also carry an assortment of glass pipes, accessories and souvenirs for your ‘one stop shopping’.

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